Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses

Online casinos have a way of welcoming prospective members by offering bonuses and other compensation to encourage them to take part in any game they wish to join. It is a way to attract players and pamper them for trying their hand in playing online games versus visiting a land-based casino where every player has to shell cash outright.

bonuses at casinosFor those who have visited an online gaming site, the word "Bonus Offer" is nothing new. Most online casinos offer a signup bonus and those sorts of freebies to attract people into becoming a member. One can assume that it's free money so they can try out certain games and try their luck.

Sites including this one where you can get exclusive codes here give every enthusiast a chance to take part in online games without the hassles of a traditional casino. Every player has time to try top rated games from reliable gaming sites and explore the possibilities of winning. Getting rewards is as simple as signing up and all that is needed is filling in of the registration form.

Online gambling has been a viable option for people who would like to have fun without spending much on accommodations and other expenses. While going to a land-based casino costs a lot, needs time, effort, and resources, while online gambling sites cater to a much wider possibility of winning while in the comforts of your home. They also have better bonuses which are the reason many people prefer to play online.

One of the main perks of playing online is having bonuses which allow a player to try games for free. Unlike a conventional casino where every player has to cash out money to play, online casinos give members a chance to try games without spending a dollar. Being able to try games for free also allows a player to try his skills and choose which games he would play for a long time. The most popular is the free bonuses for slots games, and you can find them at various French casino sites, like this one. Slots games are the most prominent casino game because of the rewarding bonuses, jackpots prizes, and their easiness to play.

Common Bonuses Available Online

Some of the most common casino bonuses offered by online gaming sites include:

No-deposit Cash Bonuses

A no-deposit bonus offers a prospective player a chance to try any of the web sites games without spending money. So in any sense, this means free money to try games. No-deposit bonuses are limited and are a way to get a player started. It is a way to attract an enthusiast to continue playing and make an initial deposit. Wagering the no-deposit bonus and winning the game also comes with a limited prize and most often also comes with a timeframe when a player can use the bonus. A no-deposit bonus also disappears from the account once allotted time is over. The main purpose of having a no-deposit bonus is so every player gets to feel the casino and allow them to try some of the games without spending.

Welcome Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a supplemental amount of money added to a player's initial deposit. Depending on the site, this usually comes during the first deposit and is sometimes called a Welcome Bonus. There are gaming sites which either doubles the money or tries to match the invested amount. Deposit bonuses are much like real money where a player gets control at how he spends it and with what games. Deposit bonuses also need to be wagered a number of times before they can be withdrawn.

Referral Bonus

Most online casinos offer a referral bonus when a player invites a friend. Most of these bonuses can be redeemed immediately once the referral made an initial deposit. They can also be in a monetary form or as an additional wager added on top of the referrer's account. In some cases, the online casino provides both the referral and referrer with bonus points.

Sticky Bonuses

Sticky bonuses are non-cashable. They are only meant to be played with but usually have a higher value than other bonuses. Winning a certain game just gives you additional points to continue playing and the value cannot be converted or redeemed for cash. Sticky bonuses are also known as "phantom" bonus which is immediately added to a player's deposit. Once a player decides to withdraw the funds, it is subtracted from the player's balance.

Free Spins Casino Bonus

Aside from monetary bonuses, most online casinos also offer free spins as a perk. This is basically free plays on certain games when goals or conditions are achieved. Certain conditions such as meeting a specific level, depositing an amount before a specific date, or responding to promotions is a criterion to acquire free spins. Playing free games are a good way to practice and learn to rules, so you can master the game before playing for real money. For those players who enjoy playing different games for free, roulette is a really thrilling one that can bring you a lot of prizes. Winning a free spin game usually allows a winner to keep his prize although depends on the person's luck.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback rewards are common bonuses from online casinos and are mostly given to loyal patrons. While a location-based casino gives this in the form of a free room upgrade, a free meal, or other prizes, online casinos give this reward as paid out cash or as additional credit given once a week or every few weeks. Cashback bonuses are solely left to the discretion of the casino and the amount of cashback a player receives can be a percentage of his losses.

Comp Points

Comp points are additional incentives a website gives for playing online. They can be collected and redeemed for cash or sometime a reward, depending on the website. Each website has a way of controlling these rewards and the amount a player gets for playing. Most often accumulated points are not very large, although it is a free incentive for doing the things you love.


To engage their players more often, online casinos also offer raffles upon meeting a certain condition. Certain requirements such as purchasing a ticket, wagering a specific amount, or playing a specific game entitle a player to get points equivalent to a certain prize. Raffles are often drawn randomly and winners are awarded with something not won from a casino.


Online and land-based casinos have their own VIPs. Although they may vary in some points, the principles for entering and rewards it offers are the same. High roller VIP programs and high roller rewards are mostly given to those who spend most cash betting and wagering. This is a way for online casinos to reward players for their loyalty. VIPs get special privileges like premium table allocations, outstanding customer service, and other sorts of exclusive online accommodation.

Exclusive Bonuses

bonus casinosThere are online casinos who offer custom rewards to their players. This usually happen when the casino has created an exclusive deal for reaching a specific target. Customer service might contact a player when they are browsing through the casino or playing games offering exclusive rewards for loyalty or encouraging the player to play more games. Custom and exclusive bonuses come in various forms such as free spins or additional points on the welcome bonus among others.

Mailing List Bonuses

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