Bovada Poker: An American Exclusive

A new US gambling site would normally have a long way to go to prove itself, especially if catering to internet Holdem players. Unlike those who frequent internet casinos, Holdem players are less likely to jump around from one provider to the next. There is a new contender though, catering only for players in the United States, which has a head start thanks to the huge brand name behind it. Bodog Poker rebranded itself for the American market and launched in 2011 as Bovada. Even without the Bovada Poker coupon codes providing exclusive bonuses, the association with the Bodog name quickly aroused interest in the new site.

When the new venture was initially launched, existing members of Bodog with USA based accounts were automatically migrated to this American version of the famous Texas Holdem room. This was good news for other newcomers who weren't put off by a lack of action, often the bane of a freshly launched gaming enterprise. Today, the customer base continues to grow, along with the company's reputation as a desirable provider. Although this company accepts only American members, it's linked in to the Bodog network, allowing those who join to play along with the network's worldwide membership.

As this site runs a sportsbook and casino alongside the Poker room; experienced Holdem players can find plenty of casual opponents against whom to lay down their chips. For those who would rather swim with other sharks at the higher stakes, there's enough players of a reasonable to high standard, some of whom are regulars. All in all there is plenty of competition to suit any player, although membership still has a way to go in terms of overall numbers. It's still not up there with the big Holdem enterprises, but that's to be expected in a card room that's just been around for two or three years.

If there is any aspect of this provider that's not as good as it could be, it's the playing software. Best described as "adequate", it's beset with a few limitations compared with many competitor offerings. For example, multi-tabling is restricted to a maximum of three tables. For many players, this won't be the primary consideration when choosing to sign up though. Perhaps the biggest current attraction is the generosity of bonuses. The standard sign-up bonus is a 100% deposit match of up to $1,000. In addition to this, it's possible to find Bovada Poker coupon codes by hunting around on the web.

Other aspects of this big-brand-supported Holdem provider are of an above average standard. Banking processes are convenient and customer service is taken seriously by the site owners. Players needing support are responded to quickly, although contact is currently only possible by phone or email. With its exclusivity to US players, combined with the ability to connect them to a worldwide pool of opponents, Bodog's little brother is sure to succeed in the long term. Anyone looking for a new place to play Texas Holdem or similar games is urged to track down a Bovada Poker coupon code, take advantage of a cash bonus and give this provider a try.

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